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Breathwork Facilitator & Voice Coach

Breath & Voice Inspired Medicine

Breathwork Facilitator & Voice Coach

Breath and Voice Inspired Medicine

Breathwork & Voice Offerings

Breathwork, in various forms, is one of the oldest healing modalities on the planet. It has been utilized throughout the world since ancient times by many cultures and traditions as a sacred practice.

Many indigenous cultures consider the breath to be our “original medicine.”

This Breathwork supports a deep RE-membering of who we really are as Healer, Healed, and Whole. Accessing this shifted state through the breath allows us to experience greater wholeness, clarity, deeply therapeutic transformation, rapid healing, personal empowerment, and boundless self-exploration.

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Jody Weatherstone Breathwork Facilitator Voice Coach

About Jody Weatherstone

Jody’s life long interest in the mind, voice, and spirit connection, began as a young child on the coast of Maine with her geologist grandmother and botanist grandfather. Summers spent immersed in the wild woods and rocky oceanfront, foraging, collecting, camping, cooking, and singing around the campfire instilled a love of nature and a deep connection with the natural world that has been fundamental to her spiritual and artistic growth.

Jody trained and worked as both a singer and actress, touring nationally and internationally. Her versatility and flexibility have led her to perform in a wide range of genres, from musical theater to oratorio, singing music by composers from Bach, Handel, and Faure, to Barber, Gershwin, and Sondheim. Jody’s vibrant and refined soprano has been reviewed with enthusiasm throughout the New York region. She has also maintained a private voice teaching studio for the past 22 years helping vocalists of all ages fulfill their personal singing goals.

Over the years, her spiritual practice has grown and shifted, at first paralleling her singing and teaching career, and gradually merging as she became less interested in performing and more called to the creative healing arts. She has been a practicing yogi and meditator since the mid 1990’s, incorporating mindfulness along with breathwork and singing as devotional practices.

Upcoming Events

Exploring the Throat Chakra with Voice, Vibration and Breath


Valley Spirit Wellness Center | Beacon NY


Vocal Health for Anyone with a Voice: A Workshop co taught with Ashley Miller LMT


Albert Wisner Public Library | Warwick NY


Beyond Pranayama:Transformative Breathwork


Vastu | Warwick NY

Next offering July 20, 2024


Breathwork and Sound Healing with Jody and Nicole at Vastu


Vastu | Warwick NY


Beyond Pranayama:Transformative Breathwork Journey 


Moon and Wind | Warwick NY


Breathwork and SoulCollage
Valley Spirit Wellness Center | Beacon NY
A day long event co-facilitated with Nixa DeBellis

Beyond Pranayama:Transformative Breathwork Journey and Mandala drawing


Sunstone Sanctuary, Chester NY

Booking info coming soon

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