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About Jody Weatherstone

Breath and Voice Inspired Medicine

Jody’s life long interest in the mind, voice, and spirit connection, began as a young child on the coast of Maine with her geologist grandmother and botanist grandfather. Summers spent immersed in the wild woods and rocky oceanfront, foraging, collecting, camping, cooking, and singing around the campfire instilled a love of nature and a deep connection with the natural world that has been fundamental to her spiritual and artistic growth.

Jody trained and worked as both a singer and actress, touring nationally and internationally. Her versatility and flexibility have led her to perform in a wide range of genres, from musical theater to oratorio, singing music by composers from Bach, Handel, and Faure, to Barber, Gershwin, and Sondheim. Jody’s vibrant and refined soprano has been reviewed with enthusiasm throughout the New York region. She has also maintained a private voice teaching studio for the past 22 years helping vocalists of all ages fulfill their personal singing goals.

Over the years, her spiritual practice has grown and shifted, at first paralleling her singing and teaching career, and gradually merging as she became less interested in performing and more called to the creative healing arts. She has been a practicing yogi and meditator since the mid 1990’s, incorporating mindfulness along with breathwork and singing as devotional practices.

Jody’s participation in Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesinging retreat was a pivotal event in Jody’s own vocal journey. She now thinks of herself as a classical singer in recovery, coming to own and use her whole voice, rather than just the correct and beautiful voice she reined in for so long.

More About Jody: Breathwork Facilitator & Vocal Coach

In 2019, Jody founded Soma Voce, offering classes and private sessions that incorporate vocal toning, improvisation, movement, and breathwork to assist her clients in releasing stuck energy and connecting with their intuition and personal power. Owning and embracing her own empathic and highly sensitive nature has been her greatest gift as a teacher, breathwork facilitator, and artist.

In 2021, Jody became certified as a breathwork facilitator through David Elliot’s healer training. She has found facilitating breathwork to be the most comprehensive and fulfilling work of all. Holding sacred space for breathwork and using the voice as a healing tool is where Jody feels most able to use her gifts to help clients tap into their own potential and remember who they really are.

Jody completed her undergraduate education at New York University with a degree in Voice and Theatre and her Master of Arts from Teachers College at Columbia University in clinical psychology with a concentration in Spirituality Mind Body Practices. Her Master’s thesis, titled “A Singer’s Journey,” examines singing as a healing modality. Post-graduate study includes her certification in Vocology from the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah.

Jody is a Level III Reiki practitioner, is certified in Somatic Voicework (The LoVetri Method), and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012 from Vastu. She has also completed levels 1-5 of David Elliot’s Healer training. Jody maintains a private voice and healing studio with virtual students throughout the US and in-person in Warwick, NY. She is an avid gardener and student of herbalism, plants, and the natural world.

Jody Weatherstone Breathwork Facilitator Voice Coach

Mission, Vision Statement & Code of Ethics

Jody Weatherstone and Soma Voce, LLC use the breath and the voice to guide clients towards self discovery and greater authenticity. This may be through singing, speaking, sounding or breathing. Movement and touch are incorporated as they assist in these goals.

Using the clients individual intentions as direction, we work together to clear away behaviors, habits, patterns, and belief systems that are not supportive. This may be in the context of singing, using repertoire and physical and vocal exercises. It may be in the context of a healing session utilizing breathwork, journaling, dialogue, and vocalizing. I will always operate within my scope of practice as a voice teacher, vocologist, yoga teacher, and healing breathwork facilitator. I am not a speech language pathologist, doctor, or psychotherapist, and as such do not diagnose or rehabilitate. I work from a psycho-spiritual and somatic model, using intuition, contemplation, and creativity as my guides. I work with clients in a collaborative relationship, so open communication and trust are imperative. Ongoing personal practice and continued learning are central to my work with others.