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Breathwork, in various forms, is one of the oldest healing modalities on the planet. It has been utilized throughout the world since ancient times by many cultures and traditions as a sacred practice. Many indigenous cultures consider the breath to be our “original medicine.” The breathwork we will be using is a conscious, connected, three-part rhythmic breath that allows access to heightened intuition and extra-ordinary states of consciousness.

A breathwork journey shifts the brain chemistry to “get the thinking mind out of the way” so that we can somatically and energetically experience our expanded self and inner wisdom. Some experiences participants report include; a remembering of who they are, a heightened connection with their creativity and intuition, receptivity to guidance from higher sources, as well as the higher Self. There is often an improved ability to manage stress and relationships and clarity around issues that were previously cloudy. This Breathwork supports a deep RE-membering of who we really are as Healer, Healed, and Whole. Accessing this shifted state through the breath allows us to experience greater wholeness, clarity, deeply therapeutic transformation, rapid healing, personal empowerment, and boundless self exploration.

Signature Offering: Beyond Pranayama

A Beyond Pranayama breathwork journey typically lasts 90 minutes. We begin with a meditation, setting intentions and gentle movement to start moving energy through the spine and activating the breath. Music that has been carefully selected to enhance the experience will play throughout. I work intuitively, incorporating my own voice, sound instruments, and movement as well as drawing from my background in both theatre and music and study of archetypes, spiritual psychology, and yoga. Participants will be lying on their backs, using bolsters, blankets and eye pillows for comfort. I will verbally guide the experience while allowing people to have their own journey. I may use gentle touch to encourage deeper breath, release, or grounding. I encourage sound through humming, yelling, singing, crying, and laughing. The session will conclude with time for deep relaxation, followed by some verbal integration. I recommend bringing water, dressing in layers as body temperature may fluctuate, and having an eye pillow and blanket. Some people like to hold stones or crystals in their hands, but this is optional.

Custom Beyond Pranayama Workshops and Retreats

I will work with you to customize a workshop that suits your needs. I work with retreats, yoga studios, teams, office staffs, and families and friends as a space holder and healing arts facilitator. In addition to their foundation in breathwork, workshops can include vocal exploration, creative group activities such as mandala making, collaging, theatre games, restorative yoga, and journaling. Beyond pranayama workshops are customized to address specific needs and build connection, trust, intimacy, listening skills, and creativity. Workshops can range in length from 90 minutes to full day retreats.

Healing Arts Collaborations

One of the things I love about breathwork is how complimentary it is with other modalities. I love working with other practitioners to build programs that serve our clients in unique and powerful ways. I have collaborated with yoga teachers, sound practitioners, massage therapists, acupuncturists, health coaches, and therapists to create beautiful, transformative experiences for our clients.

Vocal Health for Anyone With a Voice

Does your voice feel tired, effortful, or unreliable? In this class you will learn exercises, stretches, and tips along with an understanding of vocal anatomy to empower your vocal self-care. You will gain knowledge, tools, and exercises for voice users of all types (not just singers). I will guide you through exercises and self-care massage techniques to stretch and strengthen your voice. You will leave feeling empowered to understand and care for your own voice. This class is for anyone who desires greater ease and comfort with their own voice. Teachers, public speakers, and others with a heavy voice load especially will benefit from this class.

Vocal Toning and Throat Chakra Workshop

In the chakra system, the throat is the gateway between the lower and the upper chakras. It is very often tight, constricted, and blocked. We struggle to speak our truth and put words to what we feel in our hearts. The voice is how we connect our gut intuition and our emotional heart to our wisdom and foresight. It is how we connect our insides with the world outside of our physical bodies. In this workshop, we will use exercises including vocal toning, humming, and improvisation to free up this channel. By connecting the diaphragmatic chain using the breath and sound, participants will leave empowered to use their unique vocal fingerprint.

Private Breathwork Sessions

Private sessions allow you to go deeper in a more personalized way. Often clients begin their breathwork practice in a group session, and find that they need greater personalized support to work with material that comes up. I offer one on one sessions in my studio. I am also available to travel to your location on arrangement.

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